TS-HP-301 - The Knox

TitleThe Knox
CollectionThomas Strahan (pre-1975)
CategoryHistoric Reproductions
DescriptionThe original wallpaper was hung in General Knox's mansion in Thomaston, Maine, and our reproduction now hangs there in its place. Lafayette supervised the furnishing of this mansion and doubtless selected the wallpaper. The repeat of the pattern is more than seven feet in length and, with figures that are symbolical of both war and peace, it reflects the influence of Revolutionary times. We continue to make the original coloring, blue ground with grey-white printing, highlighted with coarse flaked mica, a most curious and highly effective method. This reproduction is hand printed from wood blocks.
Inventory Data
For sale? This pattern is discontinued. Contact the manufacturer, Thomas Strahan (pre-1975), for special/custom order inquiries.