TS6656 - Cabin Settlers

TitleCabin Settlers
CollectionThomas Strahan (pre-1975)
Category-Not set-
DescriptionThis American made panorama depicts the rigours of work and the tranquility of the home environment in early Colonial days. The paper was found in the home of Colonel James Mellen of Revolutionary fame. Mellen first served as a private in the Lexington Alarm, and after meteoric rise from Captain to Major to Colonel, he became Commander of the Fourth Massachusetts Infantry. Upon retiring in 1783 Colonel Mellen went to his Milford, Massachusetts, home where the "Cabin Settlers" was used for wall decoration.
MemoDuplicate blue-green background
Inventory Data
For sale? This pattern is discontinued. Contact the manufacturer, Thomas Strahan (pre-1975), for special/custom order inquiries.

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