TS5595-00 - The Champlain

TitleThe Champlain
CollectionThomas Strahan (pre-1975)
CategoryHistoric Reproductions
DescriptionSkillful composition gives to this authentic document a depth and balance which makes it effective in settings large and small. The paper was found in the attic storeroom of an early Colonial home in Brattleboro, Vermont. Origin of "The Champlain" is France about 1773. Its design is accredited to Reveillon, noted French manufacturer of that period, and it shows Champlain landing at a French seaport after an ocean crossing from North America. He returned to seek financial aid for a settlement on the shores of the St. Lawrence River.
Inventory Data
For sale? This pattern is discontinued. Contact the manufacturer, Thomas Strahan (pre-1975), for special/custom order inquiries.

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