TS-HP-246 - The Salem

TitleThe Salem
CollectionThomas Strahan (pre-1975)
CategoryHistoric Reproductions
DescriptionA facsimilie of an old wallpaper hung in the Joel Bowker House, 9 Crombie Street, Salem, Massachusetts. The great number of blocks, or colors, and the intricacy of the pattern makes this one of the most notable handprints ever produced in America. A scene of a South Seas' harbor surrounded by brilliantly colored tropical flowers, the pattern reflects the era in which it was first made when the whole world was agog with the activities of John Law, and the fabled wealth of the Indies. This reproduction is hand printed from wood blocks.
Inventory Data
For sale? This pattern is discontinued. Contact the manufacturer, Thomas Strahan (pre-1975), for special/custom order inquiries.